When are you gonna learn?  i dont want a girl who dresses like that and who does Shit like that. That’s why.

Grateful for everyone in my life. From my family, Friends, teammates, enemys. May god bless all of you..

Next game i play, tackle, kick or Try i make bud. It’ll be for you.

Is this a sign? Its holy week and its been nothing but tragedy.
Don’t take life for granted.
Also, who gives a crap if its springbreak?! Youre supposed to be good during holyweek not going out everywhere and Shit.
Maybe the man upstairs is trying to say something.

Rest in peace Jerm. Youre with the Rugby and soccer Gods now Brotha.
Can’t believe your gone tho.

Lesson learned - think twice before you go out, don’t fuck With the ocean honestly, Youll never win.
If.it looks to rough just don’t go out. It aint worth your life.
Sorry man….

You still manage to piss.me the hell off we aint even together.

To be honest i really miss you. You were unlike any other girl i met. I fell in love with you and still am in love you. I really do miss you. I miss my baby. I miss you x1000000
I wish i could talk to.you without falling for you.
I really do miss you.
My girl. I hope everything is okay with you My princess.
And Good luck on everything.


you all deserve someone who isnt embarrassed to love you and tells all their friends about you and saves your selfies, good and bad to look at when they miss you and loses sleep to talk to you and tells you how much they love you. i hope you all find that!!

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Don’t shame the girls who sent pictures of themselves half-naked to their significant others as a way to express eroticism which is healthy and natural… give the people hell who think it’s okay to destroy someone’s trust and distribute those images simply for entertainment purposes.

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